Mirandes vs. Murcia

Mirandes vs Murcia result. Murcia beat Mirandes 1 goals to 0 in this Spain LIGA Adelante game.

Spain: LIGA Adelante 17/02/2013 16:00
Mirandes 0-1 Murcia
First Half
0 - 1 6' Javier Matilla
Aitor Blanco 45' Substitution out
Antxon Muneta 45' Substitution in
Second Half
Luis Moran 58' Substitution out
Gustavo Sergio Suarez 58' Substitution in
Substitution out 64' Francisco Sutil
Substitution in 64' Saul Berjon Perez
Substitution out 67' Mehdi Nafti
Substitution in 67' Jose Luis Acciari
Alain Arroyo 72' Substitution out
Rayco 72' Substitution in
Substitution out 79' Cristian Garcia
Substitution in 79' Nicolas Tagliafico
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