Recreativo Huelva vs. Hercules

Recreativo Huelva vs Hercules result. Recreativo Huelva beat Hercules 1 goals to 0 in this Spain LIGA Adelante game.

Spain: LIGA Adelante 19/02/2012 18:45
Recreativo Huelva 1-0 Hercules
First Half
Second Half
Substitution out 50' Anaitz Zabala Arbilla
Substitution in 50' Diego Rivas
Jesus Berrocal 55' Substitution out
Fidel Gonzalez 55' Substitution in
Substitution out 60' Jorge Tote
Substitution in 60' Gilvan
Jordi Matamala 61' 1 - 0
Substitution out 66' Felipe Sanchon
Substitution in 66' Urko Mateos Vera
Juan Villar 70' Substitution out
Sergi Enrich 70' Substitution in
Bonaque 75' Substitution out
Ramon Arcas 75' Substitution in
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