Gaziantepspor vs. Samsunspor

Gaziantepspor vs Samsunspor result. Gaziantepspor beat Samsunspor 1 goals to 0 in this Turkey Spor Toto Super Lig game.

Turkey: Spor Toto Sueper Lig 03/12/2011 11:00
Gaziantepspor 1-0 Samsunspor
First Half
Yellow card 13' Akaki Khubutia
Emre Gungor 28' Yellow card
Second Half
Yellow card 47' Simon Zenke
Yellow card 49' Aristide Bance
Víctor Ismael Sosa 59' Substitution out
Cenk Tosun 59' Substitution in
Substitution out 72' Aristide Bance
Substitution in 72' Hakan Arslan
Elyasa Sueme 79' Substitution out
Cetin Gungor 79' Substitution in
Substitution out 81' Simon Zenke
Substitution in 81' Ufuk Bayraktar
Muhammet Demir 81' 1 - 0
Substitution out 84' Murat Yildirim
Substitution in 84' Andre Bahia
Muhammet Demir 85' Substitution out
Orhan Gulle 85' Substitution in
Zydrunas Karcemarskas 90' Yellow card
Yellow card 90' Mustafa Sarp
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