Catania vs. Bologna

Catania vs Bologna result. Catania beat Bologna 1 goals to 0 in this Italy Serie A TIM game.

Italy: Serie A 17/02/2013 14:00
Catania 1-0 Bologna
First Half
Sergio Bernardo Almiron 42' 1 - 0
Second Half
Substitution out 46' Panagiotis Kone
Substitution in 46' Manolo Gabbiadini
Sergio Bernardo Almiron 58' Substitution out
Marco Biagianti 58' Substitution in
Yellow card 58' Archimede Morleo
Substitution out 70' Nicolo Cherubin
Substitution in 70' Davide Moscardelli
Substitution out 78' Marco Motta
Substitution in 78' Gyoergy Garics
Lucas Nahuel Castro 85' Substitution out
Nicola Legrottaglie 85' Substitution in
Yellow card 88' Diego Perez
Alejandro Daro Gomez 90' Substitution out
Adrian Ricchiuti 90' Substitution in
Marco Biagianti 90' Yellow card
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