Cartagena vs. Sabadell

Cartagena vs Sabadell result. Cartagena beat Sabadell 1 goals to 0 in this Spain LIGA Adelante game.

Spain: LIGA Adelante 18/02/2012 17:00
Cartagena 1-0 Sabadell
First Half
Second Half
Nicolas Raimondi 58' 1 - 0
Substitution out 59' Manu Lanzarote
Substitution in 59' Ezequiel Calvente
Substitution out 59' Florian Taulemesse
Substitution in 59' Nabil Baha
Nicolas Raimondi 67' Substitution out
Alvaro Anton 67' Substitution in
Substitution out 67' Antonio Hidalgo
Substitution in 67' Alex Hernandez Cruz
Braulio 74' Substitution out
Salva Chamorro 74' Substitution in
Juan Jose Collantes 85' Substitution out
Hector Font 85' Substitution in
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