Bologna vs. Novara

Bologna vs Novara result. Bologna beat Novara 1 goals to 0 in this Italy Serie A TIM game.

Italy: Serie A 04/03/2012 17:30
Bologna 1-0 Novara
First Half
Yellow card 17' Santiago Garcia
Marco Di Vaio 19' Missed penalty
Yellow card 24' Andrea Lisuzzo
Second Half
Substitution out 46' Andrea Lisuzzo
Substitution in 46' Massimo Paci
Substitution out 67' Jedaias Capucho Neves
Substitution in 67' Raffaele Rubino
Gaston Ramirez 69' Substitution out
Robert Acquafresca 69' Substitution in
Nico Pulzetti 69' Substitution out
Panagiotis Kone 69' Substitution in
Substitution out 73' Andrea Caracciolo
Substitution in 73' Filippo Porcari
Red card 78' Andrea Caracciolo
Yellow card 80' Raffaele Rubino
Robert Acquafresca 82' 1 - 0
Panagiotis Kone 82' Yellow card
Robert Acquafresca 83' Yellow card
Alessandro Diamanti 88' Substitution out
Gyoergy Garics 88' Substitution in
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