Alcoyano vs. Valladolid

Alcoyano vs Valladolid result. Valladolid beat Alcoyano 1 goals to 0 in this Spain LIGA Adelante game.

Spain: LIGA Adelante 28/01/2012 15:00
Alcoyano 0-1 Valladolid
First Half
Second Half
Paco Esteban 61' Substitution out
Wellington Silva 61' Substitution in
Diego Jimenez 61' Substitution out
Antonio Canadas Zapata 61' Substitution in
Alvaro 75' Substitution out
Guillermo Mendez Roldan 75' Substitution in
Substitution out 77' Mateu Jofre
Substitution in 77' Marquitos
0 - 1 80' Nauzet Aleman
Substitution out 83' Oscar Gonzalez
Substitution in 83' Javier Baraja
Substitution out 89' Javi Guerra
Substitution in 89' Alberto Bueno
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